Following the murders on the 13th of November 2015 in Paris, the Gorsedd of Brittany condemns the barbarous slaughter by individuals who have carried out these abominable crimes against innocent people . We express our complete solidarity with the victims and with their families.

We denounce this destabilising attack on democratic life by religious fanatics who are usurping the right of the self expression of, or action in the name of all Muslims with the apparent intention of stirring up hatred and igniting a civil war in France.

For all that the Gorsedd cannot accept that the imposition of the State of Emergency and the prolongation of it, decreed by the Government, results in the restriction of democratic expression and in the permanent military control of public life which would finally enact Sharia law on behalf of the terrorists.

The Gorsedd urges humanist societies, and democratic parties, in passing to question the real meaning of these Franco-French incantations based on Authoritarian Republican Jacobin dogma and presented as a miracle cure for the deep wound suffered today by France for the second time since the beginning of the year.

Can we, for example, babble on about the universality of “republican values” because the three words that summarize this were pronounced in French by President Barack Obama? It is in this kind of language that those who shot the victims expressed themselves, so revealing the dramatic failure of the French Republic in the integration of and adhesion to these same values by a second or third generation of French Citizens ?

A Stigma is displayed by politicians toward French diversity in all its forms, which includes the recently manoeuvered sneaky way they buried the ratification of the European Charter for Regional Languages, should this not be called to account today to explain the rejection of democratic practice and the flight into radicalism manifested by some lost children of French society.

At Quimper 16 November 2015
Per Vari Kerloc’h
Grand Druid of Brittany