The government has presented a draft constitutional amendment called “Protection of the Nation” to the Council of Ministers of 23 December 2015. This text now submitted to the National Assembly focuses on two points:

         – Registration of the state of emergency in the Constitution

         – Forfeiture of French nationality for having acquired dual nationality.


On the first point, the insertion of a new Article 36-1 will guard against any constitutional challenge on new repressive measures not expressly provided for by the Act of 3 April 1955. In addition, the scope is very wide and may be justified even, for example  by the occurrence of a natural disaster! There is a great  risk, in any case, of create an exceptional regime which is detrimental to our civil liberties. The planned provisions allow any government with a parliamentary majority to renew the state of emergency extension without limit!


On the second point, entrenched  nationality has returned to abandon Civil Law and to politicise its  allocation or forfeiture, an unfortunate sign of allegiance to the ideas of the extreme right. The only legal precedents in this area date back to the Vichy regime, which is a devastating shameful symbol while   claiming this  displays a defence of republican values ! The French choice to sanction on the basis of  previous background, if not ethnicity, is an extremely serious violation of the equality of all citizens, and thus a violation of republican principles.


The Gorsedd of Brittany asks, while also recognizing that the Breton or Corsican people are locked in by the principle of the unity of the French people, how can the government seek to apply a measure that defeats that same principle ? The question could be seen as a provocation but we must still ask:


Would Racism a la francaise be at the head of the State ?

A Quimper December 29, 2015

Per Vari Kerloc’h

Grand Druid of Brittany