Right Worshipful deputies of Wales, Right Worshipful Grand Bard and Deputy of Cornwall, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Honourable Deputy from the Brittany Region, Dear Friends. Welcome to everybody at the Open Gorsedd today.

I also wish to salute the families of the persons murdered in Nice by a religious fanatic. Children, ordinary people have been mercilessly crushed and shot down. The Prime Minister has called for national unity. His voice won’t be more heard, I’m afraid, than he himself heard the voice of the people who were recently demonstrating in the streets. A world of violence is also unfortunately a world of the deaf.

Here, at San Kaduan, we’re celebrating our annual meeting once again. I’d like to thank our Arouezvarzh for coping with the clearing of the stone-circle. Anyway I hope we’ll be more numerous to do the job next year. I wish to thank Brittany Region and President Le Drian for their precious aid this year again.

A referendum was organized in the UK in June whether to leave or to remain in the UE. I was disappointed with the results, for, in my opinion, it isn’t a good thing either for the country or for Europe. But I respect the majority of the British people on this vote.

The first thing I’d like to say to our brothers and sisters in Wales and in Cornwall is that our Gorseddau did exist before the UE. The links between us and the Welsh and the Cornish peoples existed pretty well even before there was some talk of Europe. We opened up the way !

Two years ago at the Breton Open Gorsedd in Arzano and then at the Cornish one, I had thanked Wales and Cornwall for helping the Breton refugees fleeing from the Germans in 1940 and in the following years. We don’t forget either the delegation from the Eisteddfod coming to visit the prisons of the French State where many good Bretons had been confined after WW2. These people had remained faithful to their country and they hadn’t all supported the Nazis, far from it !

Hundred years ago, British blood was shed together with Breton blood and blood of other nations on the banks of the Somme river. This was recently celebrated with solemnity. Brothers and sisters we were before the Brexit, brothers ans sisters still we are after the Brexit and that’s good ! Our will to leave in peace with the other peoples in this world won’t be altered !

I am scared and I feel disgusted when I hear that there had been a 57 percent rise in hate crime complaints after the results of the referendum. Racism is a poison and a shame everywhere in the world. We must all stand up against this infamy.

Her members will have to think about the way they’re building Europe, a big market is not an end in itself, for citizenship means more than a golden-lettered inscription on a passport hard-cover. A corpus of rights and a real participation in the democratic life are far better than the respect of some technocratic and technical rules, all made for the benefit of big companies but not of citizens.

And some day we’ll have to vote for a true democratic government in Europe.

Are European states ready to agree to such a step ?

What will the EU reply to the Scottish people if they choose independence ?

Can Europe really continue like this ?

Let’s hope that wisdom eventually may win the day !

And now back on this side of the Channel !

We were all feeling very Corsican after the regional elections when both presidents of the Corsican Assemblies made a speech in Corsican. We immediately heard the Jacobins screeching by turns. But like Tangi Malmanche, we found it « suitable, as one says, to bark with the dog, to howl with the wolf and to speak Breton in Brittany ! »

For Breton must be an official language in Brittany as well. It is not up to the French State to grant the right or to deprive us from it, I mean the right to speak our language on all occasions in everyday or public life. Disobeying the linguistic rules of the Republic’s Talibans is a must and also a choice and a duty for us for we are all equal inside this Republic ! We are not people of a lower rank !

When France refuses the use of our language in public life, she demonstrates that she’s still a colonialist state. When she proclaims that she’s the motherland of Human Rights, this is only a poor jingoistic bragging ! We the peoples of metropolitan France, we can’t believe them as we are the ones that are subjected to this pack of lies.

Politics will throw people into confusion next year, every party trying to outmatch their opponents. I hope Bretons will have confidence in their ability to put their future forward !

Long live Brittany, long live our Gorseddau, long live Fraternity between Wales, Cornwall and Brittany !