Right Worshipful deputies of Wales, Right Worshipful Grand Bard and Deputy of Cornwall, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Honourable Deputy from the Brittany Region, Dear Friends. Welcome to everybody at the Open Gorsedd today.

I also wish to salute the families of the persons murdered in Nice by a religious fanatic. Children, ordinary people have been mercilessly crushed and shot down. The Prime Minister has called for national unity. His voice won’t be more heard, I’m afraid, than he himself heard the voice of the people who were recently demonstrating in the streets. A world of violence is also unfortunately a world of the deaf.

Here, at San Kaduan, we’re celebrating our annual meeting once again. I’d like to thank our Arouezvarzh for coping with the clearing of the stone-circle. Anyway I hope we’ll be more numerous to do the job next year. I wish to thank Brittany Region and President Le Drian for their precious aid this year again.

A referendum was organized in the UK in June whether to leave or to remain in the UE. I was disappointed with the results, for, in my opinion, it isn’t a good thing either for the country or for Europe. But I respect the majority of the British people on this vote.

The first thing I’d like to say to our brothers and sisters in Wales and in Cornwall is that our Gorseddau did exist before the UE. The links between us and the Welsh and the Cornish peoples existed pretty well even before there was some talk of Europe. We opened up the way !

Two years ago at the Breton Open Gorsedd in Arzano and then at the Cornish one, I had thanked Wales and Cornwall for helping the Breton refugees fleeing from the Germans in 1940 and in the following years. We don’t forget either the delegation from the Eisteddfod coming to visit the prisons of the French State where many good Bretons had been confined after WW2. These people had remained faithful to their country and they hadn’t all supported the Nazis, far from it !

Hundred years ago, British blood was shed together with Breton blood and blood of other nations on the banks of the Somme river. This was recently celebrated with solemnity. Brothers and sisters we were before the Brexit, brothers ans sisters still we are after the Brexit and that’s good ! Our will to leave in peace with the other peoples in this world won’t be altered !

I am scared and I feel disgusted when I hear that there had been a 57 percent rise in hate crime complaints after the results of the referendum. Racism is a poison and a shame everywhere in the world. We must all stand up against this infamy.

Her members will have to think about the way they’re building Europe, a big market is not an end in itself, for citizenship means more than a golden-lettered inscription on a passport hard-cover. A corpus of rights and a real participation in the democratic life are far better than the respect of some technocratic and technical rules, all made for the benefit of big companies but not of citizens.

And some day we’ll have to vote for a true democratic government in Europe.

Are European states ready to agree to such a step ?

What will the EU reply to the Scottish people if they choose independence ?

Can Europe really continue like this ?

Let’s hope that wisdom eventually may win the day !

And now back on this side of the Channel !

We were all feeling very Corsican after the regional elections when both presidents of the Corsican Assemblies made a speech in Corsican. We immediately heard the Jacobins screeching by turns. But like Tangi Malmanche, we found it « suitable, as one says, to bark with the dog, to howl with the wolf and to speak Breton in Brittany ! »

For Breton must be an official language in Brittany as well. It is not up to the French State to grant the right or to deprive us from it, I mean the right to speak our language on all occasions in everyday or public life. Disobeying the linguistic rules of the Republic’s Talibans is a must and also a choice and a duty for us for we are all equal inside this Republic ! We are not people of a lower rank !

When France refuses the use of our language in public life, she demonstrates that she’s still a colonialist state. When she proclaims that she’s the motherland of Human Rights, this is only a poor jingoistic bragging ! We the peoples of metropolitan France, we can’t believe them as we are the ones that are subjected to this pack of lies.

Politics will throw people into confusion next year, every party trying to outmatch their opponents. I hope Bretons will have confidence in their ability to put their future forward !

Long live Brittany, long live our Gorseddau, long live Fraternity between Wales, Cornwall and Brittany !



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The government has presented a draft constitutional amendment called “Protection of the Nation” to the Council of Ministers of 23 December 2015. This text now submitted to the National Assembly focuses on two points:

         – Registration of the state of emergency in the Constitution

         – Forfeiture of French nationality for having acquired dual nationality.


On the first point, the insertion of a new Article 36-1 will guard against any constitutional challenge on new repressive measures not expressly provided for by the Act of 3 April 1955. In addition, the scope is very wide and may be justified even, for example  by the occurrence of a natural disaster! There is a great  risk, in any case, of create an exceptional regime which is detrimental to our civil liberties. The planned provisions allow any government with a parliamentary majority to renew the state of emergency extension without limit!


On the second point, entrenched  nationality has returned to abandon Civil Law and to politicise its  allocation or forfeiture, an unfortunate sign of allegiance to the ideas of the extreme right. The only legal precedents in this area date back to the Vichy regime, which is a devastating shameful symbol while   claiming this  displays a defence of republican values ! The French choice to sanction on the basis of  previous background, if not ethnicity, is an extremely serious violation of the equality of all citizens, and thus a violation of republican principles.


The Gorsedd of Brittany asks, while also recognizing that the Breton or Corsican people are locked in by the principle of the unity of the French people, how can the government seek to apply a measure that defeats that same principle ? The question could be seen as a provocation but we must still ask:


Would Racism a la francaise be at the head of the State ?

A Quimper December 29, 2015

Per Vari Kerloc’h

Grand Druid of Brittany



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The Gorsedd, Fraternity of Druids, Bards and Ovates of Britanny, salutes the use of the Corsican language in the Assembly of Corsica since the establishment of the new regional institutions ordered on the 13th December past.

The new Corsican Authorities have taken the liberty to issue ballots to affirm that Corsican and the French language are of equal status officially, provoking immediately an almost habitual panic in French|Jacobin quarters.

The Gorsedd notes that no action of this kind has been undertaken within the Regional Council of Brittany in the languages of our region during the installation of the new team in Rennes.

The Gorsedd is even more surprised as contained in the answers to questions it asked the candidate Le Drian, (available on our website) it was told that the Regional Council had “in 2004 adopted unanimously a resolution officially recognizing Breton and Gallo as languages of Brittany alongside the French language “(sic).

The Gorsedd regrets that this fine resolution has at last gone unheeded, and will probably result in an extension of the current state of emergency as expressed by the hidden Democratic Republican national front decreed in Paris.

More than ever the use of languages ​​in Brittany in the public sphere remains an act of emancipation that still awaits a measure of courage on the part of our elected Bretons.

At Quimper 21 December 2015  

Per Vari Kerloc’h 

Grand Druide de Bretagne.




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Following the murders on the 13th of November 2015 in Paris, the Gorsedd of Brittany condemns the barbarous slaughter by individuals who have carried out these abominable crimes against innocent people . We express our complete solidarity with the victims and with their families.

We denounce this destabilising attack on democratic life by religious fanatics who are usurping the right of the self expression of, or action in the name of all Muslims with the apparent intention of stirring up hatred and igniting a civil war in France.

For all that the Gorsedd cannot accept that the imposition of the State of Emergency and the prolongation of it, decreed by the Government, results in the restriction of democratic expression and in the permanent military control of public life which would finally enact Sharia law on behalf of the terrorists.

The Gorsedd urges humanist societies, and democratic parties, in passing to question the real meaning of these Franco-French incantations based on Authoritarian Republican Jacobin dogma and presented as a miracle cure for the deep wound suffered today by France for the second time since the beginning of the year.

Can we, for example, babble on about the universality of “republican values” because the three words that summarize this were pronounced in French by President Barack Obama? It is in this kind of language that those who shot the victims expressed themselves, so revealing the dramatic failure of the French Republic in the integration of and adhesion to these same values by a second or third generation of French Citizens ?

A Stigma is displayed by politicians toward French diversity in all its forms, which includes the recently manoeuvered sneaky way they buried the ratification of the European Charter for Regional Languages, should this not be called to account today to explain the rejection of democratic practice and the flight into radicalism manifested by some lost children of French society.

At Quimper 16 November 2015
Per Vari Kerloc’h
Grand Druid of Brittany




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Demat deoc’h,

Ho trugarekaat a ran evit ho koulennoù ouzh hol listennad Trawalc’h, Breizh Dizalc’h (Notre Chance, l’Indépendance).
Kerkent ha degemeret ganin fenoz, emaon o vont da respont deoc’h, pa ouzer ez eo anezho ar savboentoù unvan embannet gant tud hol listennad ha n’eo ket kement-mañ ma soñj din-me hepken.

Goulenn kentaň

Petra eo ho sonj da gas adunvanidigezh Breizh da benn ?

Harpañ kement intrudu a vez evit adunaniezh Breizh diouzh un tu met skoulmañ liammoù strishoc’h gant bed an armerzh, ar sevenadur ha kement tachenn zo e Breizh a-bezh, hep gortoz an disterañ tra digant Stad-C’hall.
Ne c’houlennimp tra digant Frañs, ne c’hortozimp ket disoc’hoù ur vouezhiadeg bennak pa ouzer e vez touellet an dud abaoe bloavezhioù dre ur propaganda diwar arc’hant o zailhoù, hogen sevel evit gwir war an dachenn gant ar strollegezhioù foran ne lavaromp ket. Skoulmañ darempredoù, lakaat 5 departamant Breizh en hor c’hehentiñ, gounid gallout e Liger-Atlantel, skoazellañ an embregerezhioù a embann bezañ e Breizh e Liger-Atlantel, kas war-raok sevenadur Breizh eno… pep tra gwirion zo mat d’ober.
Mont a ra adunvaniezh hor bro a-gevret gant he dieubidigezh en diwezh.

Eil goulenn

Petra vo ho politikerezh e keñver ar brezhoneg hag ar gallaoueg ?
Daoust ha miret e vo ganeoc’h Ofis ar Brezhoneg ?

Ezhomm zo eus Ofis ar Brezhoneg evit studiañ hol lec’hanvadurezh, kelaouiñ hag ambrougañ an dilennidi a zo vont pazenn ha pazenn war vrezhonekaat ho kumun, lakaat hor yezh war ar panelloù hag er vuhez foran dre vras.
Hogen, ouzhpenn da se ez eo ret goprañ tud, brezhonegerien pe gallaouegerien anezho, er melestradur. Ne goustfe ket keroc’h. Bevañ a ra ur yezh pa vez arvaret er vuhez pemdez. Kement-se zo bet kollet e Breizh, ar yezhoù a rank dont da vezañ re ar gevredigezh en-dro.
E kement skol zo e tleomp reiñ an tu d’an holl skolidi, skolajidi, liseidi ha studierien da zeskiñ hor yezh ha studial anezhi a-dost. Ur yalc’had arc’hant a harpo an embregerezhioù a fell dezho stummañ o implijidi. An ensavadurioù stummañ an oadourien a vefe skoazellet war un dro.

Trede goulenn

Daoust hag en ne zlefe ket ar Rannvro kaout ar gwir o pellaat ur gwir-all a benn ofisielaat yezhoù Breizh ?

Evit-se e rankfe ar Rannvro kaout ur budjed brasoc’h (hini kêr Roazhon an hini eo d’an ampoent) da vezañ efedus. Dre vont war-zu Breizh dizalc’h e krogo ar Stad da souzañ ha da leuskel un nebeud gwenneien eus hon tailhoù ha gounidoù dimp moarvat. Trawalc’h eo kaout ul listennad dizalc’hourien evit treiñ an holl strolladoù politikel gall e kostezennoù emrenerien endev ! Anat deoc’h koulskoude, n’hallimp lakaat ur gwir bolitikerezh yezh e pleustr nemet pa vo ur gwir vodad Breizh e penn hor bro dinask.

A galon ganeoc’h evit Breizh ha gourc’hemennoù evit spered hor bro a hadit abaoe degadoù a vloavezhioù.

Bertrand Deléon, Trawalc’h Breizh Dizalc’h.



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The Gorsedd, Brotherhood of Druids Bards and Ovates of  Brittany call for a demonstration  24th October at Carhaix


–       In pursuit of a process for the  reunification of Brittany


–       For a genuine statute for the languages of Brittany


–       So that the exclusive jurisdiction of the Regional Council in the matter of making official the languages of Brittany may be recognised, in the name of a people’s right to self-determination. The guidance of the Council of State is illegitimate as it is in total contradiction with international law. This Jacobin authority is in the end no more than a Swiss cuckoo serenading the privileges and fantasies of a caste of technocrats in their ivory tower.  It is alarming for Democracy that the elected officials of the people can only do the one thing : to retire permanently behind rules from people that they have themselves designed.




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Gorsedd Digor 2015

Right Worshipful Deputies of Wales, Right Worshipful Grand Bard and Deputy of Cornwall, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Honourable Deputy from the Brittany Region, Dear Friends. Welcome to everybody at the Open Gorsedd today.

Here in San Kaduan, in this beautiful place in Brasparts community, we’ll celebrate this year our annual ceremony. We haven’t been here since a long time for an open Gorsedd, but this gorgeous place was waiting for us. It’s now tidy thanks to our arouezhvarzh Youenne Amice who coped about that and mobilized people to work together.

Thanks to you my dear friend and congratulations for organizing a fest noz uniting our open Gorsedd with the popular culture of our country.

I wish to thank Brittany region and President Massiot for helping and enabling us to answer an invitation by the Welsh People in Patagonia in next November. For the first time a member of the Breton Gorsedd will attend a Gorsedd on the soil of South America.

« Where the sun comes past, the Breton comes past, all the more reason the Druid ! »

We salute the landslide victory of our Scottish brothers who won 56 seats out of 59 in their country. Beware of them, London !

At the end of the year, we’ll have elections in the Region. Of course the Gorsedd won’t give instructions to vote for anybody. We wish to salute nevertheless the striving of the various parties belonging to the Breton movement for uniting their forces in favour of Brittany.

We’re afraid the obscure forces of the political power might use some extremist fanatics to bring this harmony into disrepute. Stirring up the fire to frighten the people is not only the job of terrorists but also of the State. Beware, let’s open wide our ears, our eyes and our minds, let’s watch out !

The newly voted law (aka intelligence bill or French Patriot Act) granting the state sweeping surveillance powers is supposed to protect our security but the Prime Minister is given exorbitant powers without any democratic control ! You don’t need to be Merlin the Wizard, (who certainly was one of our forebears!) to predict that State will be able to point out the terrorists, or to play shabby tricks on the ones he’ll have chosen before ! It’s an old habit to flush somebody out to make him play the part of the scapegoat !

Beware, folks : we’re living in a world full of disturbances. I am not sure that State is the new saviour of this world ! But democracy is ! Let’s strengthen it !

The Gorsedd will write to the various democratic lists of candidates for the next elections to ask them :

  • what is their stand on the reunification of Brittany ?

  • what action for the Breton languages, and will they appoint a vice president in charge of this problem as at the moment ?

  • what is their stand on a devolution of the competence in languages for we don’t admit any longer the dictatorship of the State Council or the Constitutional Council proclaiming every time the illegality of our languages and culture ?

We’ll publish their answers on our website and we will communicate them to newspapers.

The Gorsedd wishes that the next election campaign will have dignity and be a democratic fervour. Candidates have to be lead by their conceiving of Brittany’s and Breton people’s interest.

We summon everyone in Brittany to put a lot into the debate and to vote en masse.

Long live to Brittany, to our languages and to our Celtic sister countries !



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We are delighted to be here with our Brothers from Cornwall and Wales. I wish to thank also Gorsedh Berdh Kernow for the warmhearted welcome to the Breton exiles during the war. Under the patronage of « The Friends of Brittany » with Mr George Hunter Doble as a Chairperson, Gwas Gwendron, widows and orphans of Bretons killed by Germans were also come to their aid. Fraternity between our both countries as well was splendidly celebrated on the 5 th of September 1942 at Penzance by the Breton Cornish Committee with Mr Scobel-Armstrong as a Chairman. We also know the tremendous work of Gwas Gwendron on Cornish language and culture and his staunch friendship with Brittany and Bretons. Many thanks in the name of Breton people to the Cornish people and to the Gorsedd of the Bards of Cornwall.




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This year we’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of Brittany Liberation from the Nazi yoke.
I would like to thank here the Welsh Gorsedd for helping the Breton prisoners after WW2. The Welsh Gorsedd felt that Taldir, and others like him, had been unjustly imprisoned and it made representations to the Welsh Members of Parliament, the French Embassy and the French Minister of Justice. Under the leadership of the Eisteddfod Council and of the Archdruid Crwys, the Reverend William Williams, a deputation of eight could visit the Bretons in jail. In their report that « acted like a stone when it falls into a frog pond » (as written by Taldir), they expressed the opinion that some of the Bretons had been wrongly charged and should be given an amnesty and they recommended that the Breton Gorsedd should be revived. We also know that Saint Nazaire town hospital was offered a surgical ambulance by Cardiff town. Many thanks to the Gorsedd and to the Welsh people ! Diolch yn fawr i’r Orsedd ac i bobl Cymru !

I wish to thank also Gorsedh Berdh Kernow for the warmhearted welcome to the Breton exiles during the war. Under the patronage of « The Friends of Brittany » with Mr George Hunter Doble as a Chairperson, Gwas Gwendron, widows and orphans of Bretons killed by Germans were also come to their aid. Fraternity between our both countries as well was splendidly celebrated on the 5 th of September 1942 at Penzance by the Breton Cornish Committee with Mr Scobel-Armstrong as a Chairman. We also know the tremendous work of Gwas Gwendron on Cornish language and culture and his staunch friendship with Brittany and Bretons. Many thanks in the name of Breton people to the Cornish people and to Gorsedh Berdh Kernow ! Meur ras dhe’n bobel ha dhe’n Orsedh Berdh Kernow !

I wish to salute with respect and emotion the twenty members or so of the Breton Gorsedd who fought for Liberty and Democracy and especially among them, those who gave their lives :
Fanch Stephan, Alc’hweder Kreisker, shot in Brest on the 6th of July 1944, Adrien Delavigne, who died on the 19th of January 1945 in concentration camp at Mauthausen, Pierre Ropert, sent first to Dora, then to Bergen-Belsen, burnt alive by SS in a barn at Gardelegen, Louis Aubert who died in concentration camp at Neuengamme in may 1945, Loeiz an Dall, Rouzig ar Menhir, customs duties collector, relegated from Landerneau by Vichy government and compelled to stay under surveillance at Rostrenen because of his sympathies to Great Britain. He eventually died of distress on February the 2d 1944.

Speech of the Grand Bard Maureen Fuller to the Breton Gorsedd

Gorsedh Breten Vyghan 2014

I am very happy to be here today in the Breton Circle with Breton Bards and our Celtic friends from Wales. On behalf of the bards of Gorsedh Kernow, I bring best wishes to the bards of Brittany and Wales.
It is good to hear that you are marking the anniversary of the Liberation of Brittany in 1944. Throughout the Second World War, Breton men and women came to Kernow with Jean Louis Le Bretton, a member of the French Resistance on his small boat to Newlyn and after the war, he received a medal for his work. Another Breton fished out of Newquay for the entire war. And after they heard the call from General de Gaulle in London, many Bretons decided to join him, and as fishermen, they went aboard their boats and came to Newlyn and Falmouth. It was good that the Bretons wanted to come to Cornwall and we helped them.
And now to present times. On the 24th of April, the English government announced that Kernow was to be recognised as a nation. Cornish people were very happy but we know that Kernow has always been a nation. It was stating the obvious. At the same time, we are very sad that Brittany is not recognised as a nation also, especially as the Bretons were here before the Franks. This is frightful. There are some petitions to the French Government, asking that Brittany be recognised as a nation and the language to be recognise as well. I have urged the Cornish Bards to sign the petition, to show we are all together in this, standing side by side with you in this matter. Even the Cornish Bards in Australia and the people in their associations have signed the petition as well.
I wish you good luck with this.
Long live Brittany! Long live Kernow! Until we meet again.



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Right Worshipful deputies of Wales, Right Worshipful Grand Bard and Deputy of Cornwall, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Friends. Welcome to everybody at the Open Gorsedd today

I wish to salute first Mrs Lena Louarn, vice president of Brittany Region Council, in charge of the Breton languages. We are very happy to welcome today a real activist and an elected representative really promoting the matter of her charge. I’d like also to salute our sister Mona Bras who is, everyone knows that, a very active member of the Region Council. I’d like to thank both of you for this honour from the Highest Council Authorities.

I also wish to mention and to salute a colleague of yours who is not here with us today, I mean Mr. Jean Michel Le Boulanger, vice president of the Council for the excellent reply to Mr Jean-Marc Ayrault who intends to drown Brittany into a pot of pork rillettes made at Le Mans in order to produce a fake, chemical and tasteless region I would name « region Bordeau-Chesnel » (a very well-known mark of industrial rillettes). I would remind him of the words of their famous ad : « We don’t have the same values ! »

Because we are in a year of celebration, I also wish to remind him of the reasons why Nantes was incorporated into the area of Angers because of the existence of a commanding post with the Wehrmacht and because this was easier for repression ! Very strange reasons that have nothing to do with the values of the French Republic !

We have a few questions for M. Ayrault :

– Whose permission will Bretons have to ask to defend their languages and culture in the odds and ends region that you want to shove to us ?
– Which flag will be seen flying on our city halls near the French and European flags ?
– Which flag on the registration plates of our cars ?
– What about the Point Bzh project for our email addresses, a project aided by the Brittany Region ?
– Who will be in charge of the sea affairs and of sailors ?

Brittany will not even have the right of being a region but a subordinate under-region only. Jean Marc Ayrault eventually resuscitates the so called Marches of Brittany in the Middle Ages. Up-to-date ideas, aren’t they ?
Do dare to say it to our face, Mr Ayrault, in unison with the choir of your fellow creatures in the tradition of the Carolingian Emperors, your very like : « We are afraid of the Bretons, they are not really French, they are bound for leaving France. We are afraid of the Red Bonnets who refuse the roads to be taxed in Brittany».

Do fear and suspicion feed your fantasy world indeed ? It doesn’t really look good. This is an attitude little befitting a former Prime Minister !

Truth has it that Jean Marc Ayrault is in search of chairs to park the bottoms of local little squires like Mr Auxiette if this one would be deprived of his job. It’s not certain that the other surrounding regions would need him if the map of regions was being cut up once again. Saving Private Auxiette ! Asinus asinum fricat !

The Breton Gorsedd calls for the respect of people’s will, the latest opinion poll shows that 55 % of Bretons are in favour of Brittany with 5 departments, only 6 % in favour of uniting with the Pays de Loire, 8 % in April , their number is decreasing !

The Gorsedd is asking for the amendment Da Silva to be cancelled : it gives the same weight to the vote of the region left by a department as to the vote of the department itself and to the vote of the welcoming region. It’s necessary to get a majority of three fifths of the votes in the three councils that are concerned, almost impossible to carry out. Anyway, an amendment that precludes any possibility of an evolution.

Against all those ploys, the Gorsedd demands that people’s opinion in Loire Atlantique and in the other departments of Brittany be canvassed in a referendum.

Is the left frightened of the people ?

He will however continue to get his voice heard !



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Respected delegates from Wales, from Cornwall, brothers and  sisters  of the Gorsedd, friends, be welcomed here today. I would like at first to give apologies from Mme Léna Louarn, Vice President of the Regional Council who can not  be here today as she is prevented by the other duties of  her office.

I would like equally to acknowledge someone else who is not here, but of whom I want to speak, that’s to say the President of the Region of Brittany, M. Jean Yves Le Drian whose virtues are recognised by the new authorities in France so that he  has been named as a minister. I must insist that I feel some regret for Brittany because for the first time in the history of the regional institution, many Bretons, it’s my assertion in any case, had felt that the ship had been strengthened at last. I hope that he will remain a true Breton, a man of open mind and spirit who will continue to fight for the land of his birth. Good luck with his new responsibilities ! And good luck to the new President, Monsieur Pierrick Massiot, who can’t be here with us today.

 2012 is a year worthy of notice.

First of all by the change which has occurred in the French Republic. This does not directly concern the Gorsedd for we have no allegiance to one party or another. We are not a political party and we don’t give instructions according to that scheme.

I am very pleased also to welcome here today boys and girls able to set the small world of Breton Music on fire with top form and good humour. I mean the Ramoneurs de Menhirs (Standing stones sweeps). We’ll have a chance of talking together to see if we can give more lustre to tradition Welcome and keep on moving !

There is however one fact which deserves to be brought up here .

On his arrival at Quimper between the two rounds of the presidential election, François Hollande, the Socialist Party candidate declared that he had done his sums and that if he was placed at the head of the race to the Elysée, it was thanks to the votes of  the Bretons.

The same thought occurred to everyone when they examined the second round which saw the victory  of François Hollande.

One thing is certain, my friends  :  the beaten man ,who has displayed on many occasions his distrust of Bretons, without us knowing even today the reason for it, has received in return a boomerang blow in a neat, clear and precise manner, and without appeal !

Politicians would be well advised to reflect before insulting our people, if they want to be elected, at least !

The Gorsedd like the Bretons hope that the new President will keep his word, that’s to say that France will ratify the Charter for Regional languages, which may better lead to a new stage of de la decentralisation with the most important of powers given to the regions concerning the financing of businesses, local taxation in return for some new responsibilities. Surely we must be careful but we hope the result will be as expected.

While we are on this territory we have had the pleasure of seeing the political parties, save that of Marine Le Pen, populate their propaganda with several crumbs of Breton, even the friends of Jean Luc Mélenchon.

This latter has treated the Diwan schools as sects, among other things he declares that Breton is not  a language but only four dialects and l don’t know whatever little thought through propositions !

His friends, a number of whom are excellent Breton speakers, if they wish to gather support here, will draw good from bad, in spite of their good will, by attracting the gourmets leaving such curdles in their political pancake batter ! will they be at last understood by their adored leader ?

This year is equally notable for the Race in support of the Breton language which was a real success and as usual members of the Gorsedd participated in the event.

 This is still a year worthy of notice because the Gorsedd have formed bonds with winegrowers of Brittany during St Yves’day. Good-hearted people,proud Bretons, we hope we can work together for the good of Brittany.

Again this is a remarkable year because a certain student  of the Brest Faculty has produced a thesis on  Gwenc’hlan Le Scouezec, our 5th Grand Druid, and all that he brought to Druidism, to the Gorsedd and to Brittany.

Monsieur Grégory Moigne has received an excellent mark from his professers which illustrates something important for us : the Gorsedd is a subject worthy of scientific and university work.

An eventual recognition of the work done by Gwenc’hlan for his country and its tradition. It’s with pride that we greet the new room which will be  opened at the Breton and Celtic Research Centre at the University of Brest. There you will find the library of Gwenc’hlan as well as all the treasures of the legacy made by Bernadette le Huche- Le Scouezec, his wife. Everyone will be able to have access to it and to profit from it.  I am sure that Gwenc’hlan is happy to see that, where it is.

Good news for the Bretons ! Stay Healthy and ready to go forward !

Long live our Gorsedd ! Long live Keltia ! long live Brittany !



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ARZANO, 12th of July : The Gorsedd celebrates its 110 years ! The next 12th of July at l’Auberge du Cleuziou in Arzano (Finistère) The Gorsedd of Brittany, attended by the Delegates of Wales and Cornwall, will celebrate the 110th Anniversary of its foundation.

In fact, it was in July 1899 that the Archidruid of Wales (Hwfa Môn) admitted and recognised the Gorsedd of Brittany. In this respect, one delegate of Wales will read a poem in the circle of the Gorsedd. Since 1899, the ritual of the united sword, has been celebrated at the ceremony of the Gorsedd Digor (annual Public ceremony). The « united sword » is the symbol of bringing the Celtic people together from each side of the sea. The ritual gets focussed in all the Gorsedd, and this year , for the 1st time, in September, it will be celebrated in Cornwall. Fully inspired by the poet Lamartine, the ritual proves that the Gorsedd has always been involved in the building of the pacific and united Europe. But this year, it’s also the Thomas Paine’s death be-centenary anniversary A strong « citizen of the world » (in fact, he was an American, English, French citizen) ! Paine was full of admiration for the French Revolution and wrote for his defence against the British reactionaries « the Rights of Man » published in 1792. Criticizing the British Monarchy, he was banished from the country to USA, where he supported the insurgents in a famous brochure which gave inspiration to Washington, Benjamin Rush and John Adams. After his Return to England in 1787, he went back to France and got involved in the fight for the Republic. Proclaimed as a French citizen on the 24th of August 1792, he was elected MP of Pas de Calais at the Convention on the 6th September 1792. Sent in Jail under the Terreur, he was blamed for his English birth and his close friendship with the Girondins. He went back to the United states to end his life. Friend to Iolo Morgannwg, founder of the Gorsedd of Wales in 1792, Thomas Paine knew very well the Druidism in which he sees the real beginning of the freemasonry. First of all, in his posthumous book, regarding this matter , he made out the universalistic character Barack Obama, in his inaugural address in last January alluded to Thomas Paine’s action one of America’s Founding Fathers who coined the name of « United States of America ».The daily newspaper the « Guardian » reports that surprisingly the British medias kept under silence the be-centenary anniversary of his death, regarding France, she doesn’t seem doing better. In Arzano, on the next 12th of July, the Gorsedd of Brittany promises to atone for this severe unfairness.



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The debate on the national identity was launched on the sole initiative of government and put to music by a minister symbolic of a confused ideological position which unfortunately recalls a period of history troubled by his recantations and his milksop submission before the principle of authority.

This debate has as a goal, among others, the hiding of regional identity and to deter citizens from engagement in the real game  of coming regional elections : the concrete exercise of a democracy of proximity.

This debate reveals, as it passes by, the total ideological paralysis of the French national model whose symbols are whistled  in the stadia or burnt in the streets.

This model in crisis makes as its object the convenient confrontation of two camps who feed each other with their reciprocal gesticulations  and end up by joining together at the base, notably the refusal to agree a law for regional languages confirmed by the minister in charge of this low operation . 

On one side , in effect, the fast dyed xenophobes of eternal France, orphans of their fetish party, the Front National, come to declaim in the debate their over baked hatred of the stranger, of the  immigrant ; blowing the bugle of defending traditional values and of reaction.

On the other , the braying goats of eternal France believe they own the miracle answer to the problem posed in putting forward what they call « the values of the Republic ». They quite remarkably keep from making an historic inventory of it though they themselves are covered with colonialism, the contempt of so-called indigenous cultures as well as the exclusion of women from the fullness of their civic rights until the Liberation.

The government will have to assume the responsibility of pursuing this debate which risks ending in drying up completely, thus confirming the sick making character of its attached objective.

The Gorsedd of Brittany, Fraternity of Druids Bards and Ovates, a society of humanist thought, rejects completely those who spew out their rejection of others and those who in the end have furnished them with ideological justification..

It calls on citizens , and in the first instance, Bretons to take hold of another debate, that of the regional elections, so as to advance the democracy of proximity.

It exhorts every Breton democrat to participate in a massive ballot and as well to define the politics that they want to see carried on in Brittany.



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No to ethnic cleansing !

The term Communitarism is frequently utilised in certain circles to monopolise the Republican Idea and discredit the action of cultural, religious or ethnic groups blocking recognition of their rights. This ‘etiquette’ has been applied notably to the defenders of Breton language and culture .

The actions of these human groups even when engaged in democratic struggle is deemed to put in peril the unity and indivisibility of the Republic.

The Gorsedd of Brittany, the brotherhood of Druids, Bards and Ovates of Brittany , a society of humanist thought wishes to focus attention on a raw reality in the face of front-room fantasy masquerading as philosophy.

In fact there is no alternative but to conclude that discrimination as a principle, emanates most firmly from the very top of the Republican State. In reality this rank today knows how to manipulate the distinctions between the different stakeholders of French Nationality in total contravention to the 1st article of the Constitution.

More serious still : the Directors of the French Republic are carrying out a selective operation of repression and of stigmatisation against a particular ethnic group, in the shape of the Rom, as much citizens of Europe as the French.

This visible slide into disgrace has made its presence known in the wake of the sickening atmosphere which was introduced along with the ‘debate’ on the French national identity.

The foreign press has already categorised the political practice of the French government as Ethnic Cleansing .

The Breton Gorsedd condemns this Security unpinning as the racist stink of a government trying to disguise the matters that gnaw at it, and the obvious political social and economic stasis . We call for participation in the action led notably by the League for the Rights of Man on the 4 September next.



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Respected delegates from Wales, from Cornwall; brothers and sisters, dear friends.

I extend our welcome to everyone here as we celebrate our Open Gorsedd which this year is dedicated to Jean Le Fustec, or Lemenik his name as Grand Druid.

He died a hundred years ago. He was the first Grand Druid of Brittany. He made our Gorsedd succeed in its first steps under the sun, the eye of the day.

Lemenik venerated greatly the Barddas, the writings of Iolo Morganwg, founder of the Gorsedd in Great Britain. He believed that the ideas expressed there came from the times of the ancient Celts.

He was a man inspired by the theory of the three circles of existence. For him the whole world, the universe, had been plunged into a sea of spirit which constituted its principal material. So he was following the tracks of people like John Toland to recover a philosophy which one called pantheism.

So it was that our first Grand Druid had opened a highway leading to reflection, to enquiry and to spirituality.

We are still on that highway never forgetting what is feeding our spirit and our quest on the plain of our culture. That is those real Druids who brought to our people its song and its flag, that’s to say the visible symbols of our nationality.

Let’s continue to advance, my friends, for we are very far from the end of the road with the dangerous reform which the Government is proposing at this time.

Under the pretext of making economies and increasing efficiency, our leaders have decided to change the method of electing general and regional counsellors. Was that the most important thing to do when the State fails to say clearly distinctly, and immediately how the competencies and powers of the regions will be augmented ?

In Spain, in Great Britain, in Germany, in almost all the great democracies of Europe, weight is given to the regions. The budget of the rump of Brittany is 1.1 million euros as against 32 millions in Scotland !

Instead of giving more budgetary control to the regions, the State has decided to hold down the professional tax which would assure the finance of local communities ! The State as under the Ancien Régime decides at its own pleasure what it will allow to its subjects !

Worse still, the State intended to do away with the « general competence », that’s to say the capacity the Region has to intervene in several fields on political matters. As it happens the Senate has just re-established it, but what will remain of it at the end of day nobody can know at all at this time!

The new law offers the possibility as well for cities to compete for whole regions. Let’s be prepared that the old rivalry between Rennes and Nantes could find itself revived which will cause confusion. Divide and rule ! End decentralisation, let recentralisation commence !

It is equally a question of changing the method of election of regional and general councillors who will become territorial councillors elected in the cantons. Their number will be reduced by the State without taking account of the number of voters they represent ! The action of the Prince once more !

At the latest regional elections, the government didn’t meet with great success, would they want then to avenge themselves on the regions ?

The region will be no more than a hotchpotch of cantons looking like horses and pigs kept in the same stable to feed the same lice ? Is it necessary to scuttle the town of Ys so that Paris might float ?

The number of counsellors will be halved and there will be no proportional election. Several associations defending women’s right have emphasised one fact: the proportion of women is threatened with shrinkage from now on and it is possible that only 17% will remain of the 48% presently existing.

The French State is nevertheless in the sixty-fifth place in the world, and nineteenth in Europe for the number of women sitting in legislative assemblies.

So France is the fatherland of male rights but when will she become that of equal rights ? Will not this kind of thing finally make her lose her national identity ?

It is time for the Region to speak in a loud voice here and also abroad. The enlargement of the region’s political field of action is both a necessity and a hope for the future.

A vice-president of the languages of Brittany has been named. That is a good thing. We hope that she will really have the means to carry out her mission. We wish her good luck in her work !

The President of the Regional Council is the first minister of the Bretons, because he is the result of universal suffrage. So his words carry weight. We hope therefore that he will express himself boldly and against Paris if he needs to.

Long live Brittany, long live the Breton people, long live our Gorsedds !



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Right Honourable delegates from Wales, from Cornwall, Brothers and sisters, dear friends,

One Hundred and ten years have gone by since the first Bretons were received in Cardiff by Hwfa Môn, archdruid of the Welsh Gorsedd. When I say received, I mean received as brothers and members of the Gorsedd, that of Wales at the time, before becoming members of the Breton Gorsedd, when Bretons decided to constitute a Gorsedd on the Welsh pattern on this side of the sea.

They were walking in the footsteps of Kervarker (La Villemarqué) at Abergafenny in 1838, they wanted to bring the Bretons together on each side of the sea, and they wanted to unite the fragments of the sword broken by the vagaries of History.

So much has been done since by our Gorseddau ! They celebrated the eighty years of the Gorsedd in Cornwall last year and the symbolic rite of the « United Sword » will be henceforth a central rite within our Gorseddau when they do it for the first time in Cornwall next September.

We're saying « Thank you to the Welsh people and to Hwfa Môn, « the Prince of Archdruids of the past, present and future » as he was called by Charles Le Goffic at that time. Thank you for your recognition. « Diolch i chi, Brodyr o Gymru, am eich nawddogaeth » « Meur ras dhywgh-hwi, Breder Kernow, a'gas fydhyans ».

We're celebrating this year too the bicentenary of Thomas Paine's death. He was a friend of Iolo Morganwg, the genial founder and creator of the Gorsedd. Thomas Paine was born at Thetford in England in 1737. He went to America where he became involved in the independence and liberty of this country which he named for the first time « the United States of America » . His pamphlet « Common sense » , published a few months before the Declaration of Independence in 1776, was a tremendous success and had a deep impact on George Washington and John Adams.

Coming back to England, he welcomed the French Revolution. He wrote, « The Rights of Man » in 1792. To him those rights applied also to women. He was made a French citizen and elected MP but he refused to vote for the King's death. He was therefore sent to prison under the « Terreur » because of his English birth and of his close friendship with the « Girondins » .

In his book « The Age of Reason » he criticised the Christian religion and the terrible stories told in the Bible, which did in no way encourage good relationships between mankind. He did however respect people's creeds. He called for a reduction of up to ninety percent in permanent armies to enable the world to live in peace. He fought against slavery, thus offending rich proprietors. This is why he was scorned by the Conservatives who were frightened by his opinions. He nearly faded from the people's memory. His memory was re-ignited by Thomas Edison, the great scientist. First because he himself was an inventor, having invented the hollow candle and conceiving and designing the iron bridge.

But Thomas Edison also considered Paine as United States' greatest political thinker.

Barack Obama in his inaugural speech mentioned Paine. May he now therefore be remembered by all!

In a little book published three years after his death, Thomas Paine dealt with the « Origin of Freemasonry » which was in his opinion connected with Druidism, a religion of the Sun and of the Times without limits. Thomas Paine could of course talk about Druidism as he was a friend of Iolo Morganwg, the founder of the Gorsedd.

The French often make up a beautiful story, telling how they have invented everything before others in the world. Since their Revolution which happened thirteen years after that in the United States, they are pretentious enough to lecture the whole world about Human Rights ! Their republican creeds are supposed to be universal, as should also be their language ! This is absolutely crazy when you consider that they sent people like Paine to prison whilst they pursued the « Girondins » who were supporting the Revolution in Brittany by wearing oak leaved crowns in remembrance of the old Druids !

Iolo Morganwg was also in favour of the revolutionary opinions. He believed they could be a step forward for mankind.

The French republican opinions were never universal from the start. Slavery was not abolished until 1848 ! The right to vote was not granted to women until 1944 !

And a host of republican gurus still try to preach to the minority peoples of France yet leaving women at the entrance porch of their temples !

Brothers and sisters, we don't need a lecture about morality from such people. We don't have to be lectured by those who put Black people on the seat of an obscure State Secretary as an excuse to demonstrate their open-mindedness. Charity and contempt ! Lingering stench of colonialism !

As in the States this year, we in Brittany some years ago elected a Black man. We didn't elect him because he was Black but because he was competent !

Let's hold the course. We're on the way to join all the peoples in the world, big or small !

The Revolution is not over as long as an individual pretends to consider himself above others because of their colour or their language.



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Ladies and gentlemen, members of the French Academy,

As every year in peace time, the Breton Gorsedd is celebrating today, on this 13th of July 2008, its reunion with our brothers from Wales and Cornwall. This ceremony is the 170th anniversary of the first reception of a Breton bard by the Welsh Gorsedd, so we’ve decided to place it under the patronage of three famous French writers. Besides their works as a credit to the French language and culture, each of them in his own way, has also honoured the Breton language and culture.

The first one, Alphonse de Lamartine has composed in 1838 « The toast raised in a national banquet of Welsh and Bretons » that was read after the reception of Hersart de la Villemarqué, the first Breton bard welcome in the Welsh Gorsedd. This poem has inspired the ritual of the broken sword that we’ve celebrated with our Welsh and Cornish friends every year since 1899. Hersart de la Villemarqué is a native of this country. His family is still living in the district of Quimperlé where we are this year. His masterpiece, is a collection of traditional Breton folksongs called the Barzaz Breiz which were praised as « diamonds » by George Sand, another famous French writer. Last but not least, Auguste Brizeux, another famous French poet from Breton extraction, is still haunting the village where we are, in the footsteps of the charming Marie called forth in 1831 by him in a thoughtful poem delighting his contemporary readers all over France. By reminding this past, the Gorsedd intends filling up all its place in the history of interceltic relations and in the construction of a peaceful, humanistic and open Europe. By evoking its origins, the Gorsedd also emphasizes its brotherly links with the prominent writers of the French literature. There is no objection between the universalism called for by the French culture and the proactive existence of local cultures.

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the French Academy,

You’re supposed to have unanimously voted a month ago on a text setting aside from the Constitution the registration of the regional languages as belonging to the patrimony of the Republic. The unanimity of your stand on this issue is for all that objected to by a member of yours, the Breton Michel Mohrt, who gave his opinion in the columns of the newspaper Ouest France. With good reason ! Our fellow countryman has really drawn a lot on the treasures of the Breton language and shared them generously with the French speakers.

But please let’s look in the first lines of your text: « For more than five centuries, the French language has built up France. And our Constitution has deservedly recognized this obviousness in article 2: « The language of the Republic is French ». We definitely can’t see this obviousness alluded to by you, because five centuries ago the Republic didn’t exist, five centuries ago it was called the kingdom of France. Well! To tell the truth, your institution owes its origin to a cardinal minister of this « ancien régime », which isn’t quite republican as you know perfectly like us that the Republic doesn’t recognize nor pay wages to any religion ! So, right from the start, your text is babbling in the confusion. In 1793 on the other hand, four years only after its foundation, the Republic had translated its constitutional act – so its Constitution ! – into the languages of France, among them the Breton language. This translation was followed by another one, i.e. the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. This political choice was serenely made « without jeopardizing national identity » as you do fear in your text in a fit of hysteria and calamity ! By the way are we talking about the same Republic? Is it for you first and foremost an intangible corporate body or the resultant force of a big struggle for emancipation still to be reinforced and started again ? You’ve inspired the French Senate, I’m afraid, in order to oppose the Assembly’s vote. Like in 1922 and 1932 probably when the Senate was against women’s suffrage, so that France had to wait till 1945 for female citizens to be allowed to enter political life and to epitomize what was supposed to be a founding principle of the Republic: Equality. For your part, Ladies and gentlemen, you entered the political arena in 1998 to refuse to accept feminine forms for professional names. What a coincidence ! What a cowardice in a word to get one’s revenge on the regional languages because of inability to stem the growing influence of English !

We’ll conclude this debate with a touch of hope in the future, confident as we are that one doesn’t champion the cause of a language by disputing to another one the right to exist, for we do believe in the final advent of Liberty. Therefore we’ll quote the end of Lamartine’s poem because it’s illustrating what you are likely to have trouble sympathizing with: open-mindedness to others, in other words Fraternity !

« Out of our full goblet where the water of heaven is overflowing,

Already quenched our thirst, let’s drink to the nations !

Islands or main lands, surrounded or bordered by the waters,

Have a share of our libations under the sky !

Yes, let’s drink and, passing our goblet around,

To the new guests to the eternal banquet,

Let’s share a drink with all the peoples of the world

Out of the fraternal chalice!

Arzano, July the 13th 2008-07-23

Morgan 6th Grand Druid of Brittany



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