No to ethnic cleansing !

The term Communitarism is frequently utilised in certain circles to monopolise the Republican Idea and discredit the action of cultural, religious or ethnic groups blocking recognition of their rights. This ‘etiquette’ has been applied notably to the defenders of Breton language and culture .

The actions of these human groups even when engaged in democratic struggle is deemed to put in peril the unity and indivisibility of the Republic.

The Gorsedd of Brittany, the brotherhood of Druids, Bards and Ovates of Brittany , a society of humanist thought wishes to focus attention on a raw reality in the face of front-room fantasy masquerading as philosophy.

In fact there is no alternative but to conclude that discrimination as a principle, emanates most firmly from the very top of the Republican State. In reality this rank today knows how to manipulate the distinctions between the different stakeholders of French Nationality in total contravention to the 1st article of the Constitution.

More serious still : the Directors of the French Republic are carrying out a selective operation of repression and of stigmatisation against a particular ethnic group, in the shape of the Rom, as much citizens of Europe as the French.

This visible slide into disgrace has made its presence known in the wake of the sickening atmosphere which was introduced along with the ‘debate’ on the French national identity.

The foreign press has already categorised the political practice of the French government as Ethnic Cleansing .

The Breton Gorsedd condemns this Security unpinning as the racist stink of a government trying to disguise the matters that gnaw at it, and the obvious political social and economic stasis . We call for participation in the action led notably by the League for the Rights of Man on the 4 September next.