This year we’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of Brittany Liberation from the Nazi yoke.
I would like to thank here the Welsh Gorsedd for helping the Breton prisoners after WW2. The Welsh Gorsedd felt that Taldir, and others like him, had been unjustly imprisoned and it made representations to the Welsh Members of Parliament, the French Embassy and the French Minister of Justice. Under the leadership of the Eisteddfod Council and of the Archdruid Crwys, the Reverend William Williams, a deputation of eight could visit the Bretons in jail. In their report that « acted like a stone when it falls into a frog pond » (as written by Taldir), they expressed the opinion that some of the Bretons had been wrongly charged and should be given an amnesty and they recommended that the Breton Gorsedd should be revived. We also know that Saint Nazaire town hospital was offered a surgical ambulance by Cardiff town. Many thanks to the Gorsedd and to the Welsh people ! Diolch yn fawr i’r Orsedd ac i bobl Cymru !

I wish to thank also Gorsedh Berdh Kernow for the warmhearted welcome to the Breton exiles during the war. Under the patronage of « The Friends of Brittany » with Mr George Hunter Doble as a Chairperson, Gwas Gwendron, widows and orphans of Bretons killed by Germans were also come to their aid. Fraternity between our both countries as well was splendidly celebrated on the 5 th of September 1942 at Penzance by the Breton Cornish Committee with Mr Scobel-Armstrong as a Chairman. We also know the tremendous work of Gwas Gwendron on Cornish language and culture and his staunch friendship with Brittany and Bretons. Many thanks in the name of Breton people to the Cornish people and to Gorsedh Berdh Kernow ! Meur ras dhe’n bobel ha dhe’n Orsedh Berdh Kernow !

I wish to salute with respect and emotion the twenty members or so of the Breton Gorsedd who fought for Liberty and Democracy and especially among them, those who gave their lives :
Fanch Stephan, Alc’hweder Kreisker, shot in Brest on the 6th of July 1944, Adrien Delavigne, who died on the 19th of January 1945 in concentration camp at Mauthausen, Pierre Ropert, sent first to Dora, then to Bergen-Belsen, burnt alive by SS in a barn at Gardelegen, Louis Aubert who died in concentration camp at Neuengamme in may 1945, Loeiz an Dall, Rouzig ar Menhir, customs duties collector, relegated from Landerneau by Vichy government and compelled to stay under surveillance at Rostrenen because of his sympathies to Great Britain. He eventually died of distress on February the 2d 1944.

Speech of the Grand Bard Maureen Fuller to the Breton Gorsedd

Gorsedh Breten Vyghan 2014

I am very happy to be here today in the Breton Circle with Breton Bards and our Celtic friends from Wales. On behalf of the bards of Gorsedh Kernow, I bring best wishes to the bards of Brittany and Wales.
It is good to hear that you are marking the anniversary of the Liberation of Brittany in 1944. Throughout the Second World War, Breton men and women came to Kernow with Jean Louis Le Bretton, a member of the French Resistance on his small boat to Newlyn and after the war, he received a medal for his work. Another Breton fished out of Newquay for the entire war. And after they heard the call from General de Gaulle in London, many Bretons decided to join him, and as fishermen, they went aboard their boats and came to Newlyn and Falmouth. It was good that the Bretons wanted to come to Cornwall and we helped them.
And now to present times. On the 24th of April, the English government announced that Kernow was to be recognised as a nation. Cornish people were very happy but we know that Kernow has always been a nation. It was stating the obvious. At the same time, we are very sad that Brittany is not recognised as a nation also, especially as the Bretons were here before the Franks. This is frightful. There are some petitions to the French Government, asking that Brittany be recognised as a nation and the language to be recognise as well. I have urged the Cornish Bards to sign the petition, to show we are all together in this, standing side by side with you in this matter. Even the Cornish Bards in Australia and the people in their associations have signed the petition as well.
I wish you good luck with this.
Long live Brittany! Long live Kernow! Until we meet again.