ARZANO, 12th of July : The Gorsedd celebrates its 110 years ! The next 12th of July at l’Auberge du Cleuziou in Arzano (Finistère) The Gorsedd of Brittany, attended by the Delegates of Wales and Cornwall, will celebrate the 110th Anniversary of its foundation.

In fact, it was in July 1899 that the Archidruid of Wales (Hwfa Môn) admitted and recognised the Gorsedd of Brittany. In this respect, one delegate of Wales will read a poem in the circle of the Gorsedd. Since 1899, the ritual of the united sword, has been celebrated at the ceremony of the Gorsedd Digor (annual Public ceremony). The « united sword » is the symbol of bringing the Celtic people together from each side of the sea. The ritual gets focussed in all the Gorsedd, and this year , for the 1st time, in September, it will be celebrated in Cornwall. Fully inspired by the poet Lamartine, the ritual proves that the Gorsedd has always been involved in the building of the pacific and united Europe. But this year, it’s also the Thomas Paine’s death be-centenary anniversary A strong « citizen of the world » (in fact, he was an American, English, French citizen) ! Paine was full of admiration for the French Revolution and wrote for his defence against the British reactionaries « the Rights of Man » published in 1792. Criticizing the British Monarchy, he was banished from the country to USA, where he supported the insurgents in a famous brochure which gave inspiration to Washington, Benjamin Rush and John Adams. After his Return to England in 1787, he went back to France and got involved in the fight for the Republic. Proclaimed as a French citizen on the 24th of August 1792, he was elected MP of Pas de Calais at the Convention on the 6th September 1792. Sent in Jail under the Terreur, he was blamed for his English birth and his close friendship with the Girondins. He went back to the United states to end his life. Friend to Iolo Morgannwg, founder of the Gorsedd of Wales in 1792, Thomas Paine knew very well the Druidism in which he sees the real beginning of the freemasonry. First of all, in his posthumous book, regarding this matter , he made out the universalistic character Barack Obama, in his inaugural address in last January alluded to Thomas Paine’s action one of America’s Founding Fathers who coined the name of « United States of America ».The daily newspaper the « Guardian » reports that surprisingly the British medias kept under silence the be-centenary anniversary of his death, regarding France, she doesn’t seem doing better. In Arzano, on the next 12th of July, the Gorsedd of Brittany promises to atone for this severe unfairness.