The Gorsedd, Fraternity of Druids, Bards and Ovates of Britanny, salutes the use of the Corsican language in the Assembly of Corsica since the establishment of the new regional institutions ordered on the 13th December past.

The new Corsican Authorities have taken the liberty to issue ballots to affirm that Corsican and the French language are of equal status officially, provoking immediately an almost habitual panic in French|Jacobin quarters.

The Gorsedd notes that no action of this kind has been undertaken within the Regional Council of Brittany in the languages of our region during the installation of the new team in Rennes.

The Gorsedd is even more surprised as contained in the answers to questions it asked the candidate Le Drian, (available on our website) it was told that the Regional Council had “in 2004 adopted unanimously a resolution officially recognizing Breton and Gallo as languages of Brittany alongside the French language “(sic).

The Gorsedd regrets that this fine resolution has at last gone unheeded, and will probably result in an extension of the current state of emergency as expressed by the hidden Democratic Republican national front decreed in Paris.

More than ever the use of languages ​​in Brittany in the public sphere remains an act of emancipation that still awaits a measure of courage on the part of our elected Bretons.

At Quimper 21 December 2015  

Per Vari Kerloc’h 

Grand Druide de Bretagne.