The Gorsedd, Brotherhood of Druids Bards and Ovates of  Brittany call for a demonstration  24th October at Carhaix


–       In pursuit of a process for the  reunification of Brittany


–       For a genuine statute for the languages of Brittany


–       So that the exclusive jurisdiction of the Regional Council in the matter of making official the languages of Brittany may be recognised, in the name of a people’s right to self-determination. The guidance of the Council of State is illegitimate as it is in total contradiction with international law. This Jacobin authority is in the end no more than a Swiss cuckoo serenading the privileges and fantasies of a caste of technocrats in their ivory tower.  It is alarming for Democracy that the elected officials of the people can only do the one thing : to retire permanently behind rules from people that they have themselves designed.