Respected delegates from Wales, from Cornwall, brothers and  sisters  of the Gorsedd, friends, be welcomed here today. I would like at first to give apologies from Mme Léna Louarn, Vice President of the Regional Council who can not  be here today as she is prevented by the other duties of  her office.

I would like equally to acknowledge someone else who is not here, but of whom I want to speak, that’s to say the President of the Region of Brittany, M. Jean Yves Le Drian whose virtues are recognised by the new authorities in France so that he  has been named as a minister. I must insist that I feel some regret for Brittany because for the first time in the history of the regional institution, many Bretons, it’s my assertion in any case, had felt that the ship had been strengthened at last. I hope that he will remain a true Breton, a man of open mind and spirit who will continue to fight for the land of his birth. Good luck with his new responsibilities ! And good luck to the new President, Monsieur Pierrick Massiot, who can’t be here with us today.

 2012 is a year worthy of notice.

First of all by the change which has occurred in the French Republic. This does not directly concern the Gorsedd for we have no allegiance to one party or another. We are not a political party and we don’t give instructions according to that scheme.

I am very pleased also to welcome here today boys and girls able to set the small world of Breton Music on fire with top form and good humour. I mean the Ramoneurs de Menhirs (Standing stones sweeps). We’ll have a chance of talking together to see if we can give more lustre to tradition Welcome and keep on moving !

There is however one fact which deserves to be brought up here .

On his arrival at Quimper between the two rounds of the presidential election, François Hollande, the Socialist Party candidate declared that he had done his sums and that if he was placed at the head of the race to the Elysée, it was thanks to the votes of  the Bretons.

The same thought occurred to everyone when they examined the second round which saw the victory  of François Hollande.

One thing is certain, my friends  :  the beaten man ,who has displayed on many occasions his distrust of Bretons, without us knowing even today the reason for it, has received in return a boomerang blow in a neat, clear and precise manner, and without appeal !

Politicians would be well advised to reflect before insulting our people, if they want to be elected, at least !

The Gorsedd like the Bretons hope that the new President will keep his word, that’s to say that France will ratify the Charter for Regional languages, which may better lead to a new stage of de la decentralisation with the most important of powers given to the regions concerning the financing of businesses, local taxation in return for some new responsibilities. Surely we must be careful but we hope the result will be as expected.

While we are on this territory we have had the pleasure of seeing the political parties, save that of Marine Le Pen, populate their propaganda with several crumbs of Breton, even the friends of Jean Luc Mélenchon.

This latter has treated the Diwan schools as sects, among other things he declares that Breton is not  a language but only four dialects and l don’t know whatever little thought through propositions !

His friends, a number of whom are excellent Breton speakers, if they wish to gather support here, will draw good from bad, in spite of their good will, by attracting the gourmets leaving such curdles in their political pancake batter ! will they be at last understood by their adored leader ?

This year is equally notable for the Race in support of the Breton language which was a real success and as usual members of the Gorsedd participated in the event.

 This is still a year worthy of notice because the Gorsedd have formed bonds with winegrowers of Brittany during St Yves’day. Good-hearted people,proud Bretons, we hope we can work together for the good of Brittany.

Again this is a remarkable year because a certain student  of the Brest Faculty has produced a thesis on  Gwenc’hlan Le Scouezec, our 5th Grand Druid, and all that he brought to Druidism, to the Gorsedd and to Brittany.

Monsieur Grégory Moigne has received an excellent mark from his professers which illustrates something important for us : the Gorsedd is a subject worthy of scientific and university work.

An eventual recognition of the work done by Gwenc’hlan for his country and its tradition. It’s with pride that we greet the new room which will be  opened at the Breton and Celtic Research Centre at the University of Brest. There you will find the library of Gwenc’hlan as well as all the treasures of the legacy made by Bernadette le Huche- Le Scouezec, his wife. Everyone will be able to have access to it and to profit from it.  I am sure that Gwenc’hlan is happy to see that, where it is.

Good news for the Bretons ! Stay Healthy and ready to go forward !

Long live our Gorsedd ! Long live Keltia ! long live Brittany !