We are delighted to be here with our Brothers from Cornwall and Wales. I wish to thank also Gorsedh Berdh Kernow for the warmhearted welcome to the Breton exiles during the war. Under the patronage of « The Friends of Brittany » with Mr George Hunter Doble as a Chairperson, Gwas Gwendron, widows and orphans of Bretons killed by Germans were also come to their aid. Fraternity between our both countries as well was splendidly celebrated on the 5 th of September 1942 at Penzance by the Breton Cornish Committee with Mr Scobel-Armstrong as a Chairman. We also know the tremendous work of Gwas Gwendron on Cornish language and culture and his staunch friendship with Brittany and Bretons. Many thanks in the name of Breton people to the Cornish people and to the Gorsedd of the Bards of Cornwall.