Gorsedd Digor 2015

Right Worshipful Deputies of Wales, Right Worshipful Grand Bard and Deputy of Cornwall, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Honourable Deputy from the Brittany Region, Dear Friends. Welcome to everybody at the Open Gorsedd today.

Here in San Kaduan, in this beautiful place in Brasparts community, we’ll celebrate this year our annual ceremony. We haven’t been here since a long time for an open Gorsedd, but this gorgeous place was waiting for us. It’s now tidy thanks to our arouezhvarzh Youenne Amice who coped about that and mobilized people to work together.

Thanks to you my dear friend and congratulations for organizing a fest noz uniting our open Gorsedd with the popular culture of our country.

I wish to thank Brittany region and President Massiot for helping and enabling us to answer an invitation by the Welsh People in Patagonia in next November. For the first time a member of the Breton Gorsedd will attend a Gorsedd on the soil of South America.

« Where the sun comes past, the Breton comes past, all the more reason the Druid ! »

We salute the landslide victory of our Scottish brothers who won 56 seats out of 59 in their country. Beware of them, London !

At the end of the year, we’ll have elections in the Region. Of course the Gorsedd won’t give instructions to vote for anybody. We wish to salute nevertheless the striving of the various parties belonging to the Breton movement for uniting their forces in favour of Brittany.

We’re afraid the obscure forces of the political power might use some extremist fanatics to bring this harmony into disrepute. Stirring up the fire to frighten the people is not only the job of terrorists but also of the State. Beware, let’s open wide our ears, our eyes and our minds, let’s watch out !

The newly voted law (aka intelligence bill or French Patriot Act) granting the state sweeping surveillance powers is supposed to protect our security but the Prime Minister is given exorbitant powers without any democratic control ! You don’t need to be Merlin the Wizard, (who certainly was one of our forebears!) to predict that State will be able to point out the terrorists, or to play shabby tricks on the ones he’ll have chosen before ! It’s an old habit to flush somebody out to make him play the part of the scapegoat !

Beware, folks : we’re living in a world full of disturbances. I am not sure that State is the new saviour of this world ! But democracy is ! Let’s strengthen it !

The Gorsedd will write to the various democratic lists of candidates for the next elections to ask them :

  • what is their stand on the reunification of Brittany ?

  • what action for the Breton languages, and will they appoint a vice president in charge of this problem as at the moment ?

  • what is their stand on a devolution of the competence in languages for we don’t admit any longer the dictatorship of the State Council or the Constitutional Council proclaiming every time the illegality of our languages and culture ?

We’ll publish their answers on our website and we will communicate them to newspapers.

The Gorsedd wishes that the next election campaign will have dignity and be a democratic fervour. Candidates have to be lead by their conceiving of Brittany’s and Breton people’s interest.

We summon everyone in Brittany to put a lot into the debate and to vote en masse.

Long live to Brittany, to our languages and to our Celtic sister countries !