Right Worshipful deputies of Wales, Right Worshipful Grand Bard and Deputy of Cornwall, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Friends. Welcome to everybody at the Open Gorsedd today

I wish to salute first Mrs Lena Louarn, vice president of Brittany Region Council, in charge of the Breton languages. We are very happy to welcome today a real activist and an elected representative really promoting the matter of her charge. I’d like also to salute our sister Mona Bras who is, everyone knows that, a very active member of the Region Council. I’d like to thank both of you for this honour from the Highest Council Authorities.

I also wish to mention and to salute a colleague of yours who is not here with us today, I mean Mr. Jean Michel Le Boulanger, vice president of the Council for the excellent reply to Mr Jean-Marc Ayrault who intends to drown Brittany into a pot of pork rillettes made at Le Mans in order to produce a fake, chemical and tasteless region I would name « region Bordeau-Chesnel » (a very well-known mark of industrial rillettes). I would remind him of the words of their famous ad : « We don’t have the same values ! »

Because we are in a year of celebration, I also wish to remind him of the reasons why Nantes was incorporated into the area of Angers because of the existence of a commanding post with the Wehrmacht and because this was easier for repression ! Very strange reasons that have nothing to do with the values of the French Republic !

We have a few questions for M. Ayrault :

– Whose permission will Bretons have to ask to defend their languages and culture in the odds and ends region that you want to shove to us ?
– Which flag will be seen flying on our city halls near the French and European flags ?
– Which flag on the registration plates of our cars ?
– What about the Point Bzh project for our email addresses, a project aided by the Brittany Region ?
– Who will be in charge of the sea affairs and of sailors ?

Brittany will not even have the right of being a region but a subordinate under-region only. Jean Marc Ayrault eventually resuscitates the so called Marches of Brittany in the Middle Ages. Up-to-date ideas, aren’t they ?
Do dare to say it to our face, Mr Ayrault, in unison with the choir of your fellow creatures in the tradition of the Carolingian Emperors, your very like : « We are afraid of the Bretons, they are not really French, they are bound for leaving France. We are afraid of the Red Bonnets who refuse the roads to be taxed in Brittany».

Do fear and suspicion feed your fantasy world indeed ? It doesn’t really look good. This is an attitude little befitting a former Prime Minister !

Truth has it that Jean Marc Ayrault is in search of chairs to park the bottoms of local little squires like Mr Auxiette if this one would be deprived of his job. It’s not certain that the other surrounding regions would need him if the map of regions was being cut up once again. Saving Private Auxiette ! Asinus asinum fricat !

The Breton Gorsedd calls for the respect of people’s will, the latest opinion poll shows that 55 % of Bretons are in favour of Brittany with 5 departments, only 6 % in favour of uniting with the Pays de Loire, 8 % in April , their number is decreasing !

The Gorsedd is asking for the amendment Da Silva to be cancelled : it gives the same weight to the vote of the region left by a department as to the vote of the department itself and to the vote of the welcoming region. It’s necessary to get a majority of three fifths of the votes in the three councils that are concerned, almost impossible to carry out. Anyway, an amendment that precludes any possibility of an evolution.

Against all those ploys, the Gorsedd demands that people’s opinion in Loire Atlantique and in the other departments of Brittany be canvassed in a referendum.

Is the left frightened of the people ?

He will however continue to get his voice heard !